If you’re just starting out selling your handcrafted merchandise, or if you’re not getting everything you want from your current crafting business, consider this:

As crafters we have naturally creative spirits—we rely on our innate talents, intuitions and inspirations to accomplish our crafting goals. Why should we have to abandon those attributes when it comes to creating our businesses? What if we weren’t meant to follow another crafter’s step-by-step guide to business success?

At Psyched to Sell Crafts, we believe that you don’t have to abandon your creativity for the sake of your business. As a matter of fact, we know that if you want a successful business, you can’t turn your back on your unique strengths and talents.


Psyched to Sell Crafts Introduces       Strengths-based Sales      & Marketing for Crafters

Psyched to Sell Crafts was created with one question in mind: Why are some crafters successful using a specific selling technique while others who follow the same path can’t achieve the same positive results? This phenomenon is puzzling, especially for crafters who are searching for the secret to success selling their crafts. Psyched to Sell Crafts has creating a program that puts an end to this debate. The answer is found in discovering and developing your God-given strengths and talents.If there was one right way for every crafter to sell their handcrafted merchandise, there would be one website supporting crafters, one “How to Sell Crafts” book and a lot of really successful crafters. We all know this isn’t the case. There are amazing crafters who can’t sell a thing, less inspired crafters who sell like wildfire, hundreds of books on how be successful selling crafts, thousands of websites discussing the one “right” answer, and millions of craft artisans still struggling to find success. Everyone on our team has been where you are now. As crafters ourselves, we’ve invested time and money into strategies that didn’t work for us and, disappointingly, were never going to work for us. We’ve been in the cycle of “investing more to make more,” only to lose both money and motivation. That’s why we’re passionate about our mission to help you build a more successful craft business! Our goal is to help you discover and develop your strengths by teaching you the steps to using a strengths-based perspective and to help you combine your self-knowledge with the skills necessary to be successful at selling crafts.

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This breakthrough—achieving growth in business by focusing on your strengths—is being called one of the most important initiatives in the field of psychology today. Why is focusing on your inherent traits and talents getting so much publicity? It’s because focusing on your strengths works! Over twelve million people worldwide are reaping the benefits of learning to recognize and develop their strengths and now, through our program, you can too!Ask yourself this, is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? To reach your dream of success, you have to be willing to abandon things that aren’t working for you and try something new. We want to help you by providing you access to information on how to discover and use your strengths, “best-practice” ideas for working as a craft entrepreneur, and the opportunity for growth around every corner. We’d love to have you join us by following the link below and taking the first step to greater success as a craft entrepreneur.

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