Finding Your Inspiration

There are several types of inspiration. The first is the spark that gets your mind thinking of new possibilities. It’s the very beginning of an idea, just a small glimmer of inspiration, but it’s enough that your mind catches hold and starts running with the possibilities.

We think of inspiration as something outside of ourselves that sparks our motivation, but “inspired” is also a verb, an action word! When we’re inspired we’re motivated to work, to share our ideas and to explore outside the box, beyond the parameters of our initial concept. We brainstorm, daydream and fantasize to reach the full vision of what our project could become. Don’t underestimate the importance of letting yourself dream.


Because you’ve had that first inspiration, your brain is primed to start looking for connections between your thoughts and everything around you in the world. When you’re working on a project or building on an idea, there is a wonderful “zone of inspiration” where it seems that almost everything you read or see or hear connects in some way with what you’re working on. My advice? Keep a notebook or note taking device handy! These bolts of inspiration can come at any time and sometimes so frequently it’s hard to catch them all and even harder to remember them and the thoughts and feelings they awaken.

It’s essential to document this phase in your project, not just because you may forget some wonderful ideas, but because down the line when the work phase takes over and you start to lose your enthusiasm in your every day routine of working on your project, looking over what motivated you to start the project in the first place is a great way to refresh your passion. That is an important take-away message from this blog. Remembering your initial energy and motivation for a project can bring your passion back to life. Our team is finding this technique seldom fails, so keep track of your initial motivations to keep your passion for your projects running high!At Psyched to Sell Crafts we’re motivated to support and inspire craft artisans in their goal to achieve more through crafting. Combining education and self-awareness, our mission is to help you find and develop you unique strengths in order to achieve success and our educational program will provide you information and tips on how to sharpen your skills in various areas of craft sales and marketing.

Visit us often to learn more about what inspired us to create Psyched to Sell Crafts and what keeps our passion and creativity strong, our inspirations. We’d love to learn more about you too, so leave a message in the “Comments” area below telling us what keeps you motivated. You never know who you’ll inspire!

Much happiness and success, and enough inspiration for both!