What’s Your Spin? Creating Your Electronic Press Kit or Media Page

Having an electronic press kit (EPK), is essential for crafters wanting to build their business reputation on the internet. With the best information you can provide compiled into one easy to navigate format, people who want to learn more about your business have all the resources they need close-at-hand. An EPK gives customers a chance to learn more about you and your business. That means anyone looking to promote your business, either online or in printed media, have the information they need to write a quality piece with a spin you can be proud of — because you created it!

EPK’s are important because people who write content have deadlines. You want to make it easy for these time-strapped writers to get the information they need to create an interesting and informative article or blog about you for their publication. If their job is simplified they will be more likely to feature you over other craft artisans who have not provided easy information. Once people hear about you and take notice that other people are interested in your work, it can start a snowball effect of free promotion. A little up-front effort on your part creating an EPK can go a long way in building your business.

There is a standard for what should be included in an EPK. Of course you want to provide thorough contact information for yourself and your business. That’s a given! Your press kit should contain biographical information that succinctly describes the path you have taken to your current position in the craft industry. This should include classes and experiences that have helped define you as a craft artisan as well as any interesting stories about important moments that helped propel your career forward. Next, you will need descriptions and, if possible, pictures and links to your professional work. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to promote you through their own site or publication. Images and graphics are a great selling point with online customers.

Another great inclusion that should not be overlooked are any positive quotes you have received about your work. You can find these in your positive feedback, in conversations you’ve had with friends and customers and in any other types of communication you’ve had that compliments any aspect of your work including teachers and other artisans. Other places to look for favorable remarks are in any spotlight segments where you’ve been featured on other people’s blogs, websites or other publications. Remember, you can help foster these quotes through networking with craft sites and people in the industry that are always on the lookout for new content to share with their audiences.

Finally, make sure to add links to your websites and online shops. After all, isn’t promoting your merchandise the goal? It’s important to add links and information to any upcoming venues or events that you will be attending. You should also include links to your social media, often represented by social media icons. If you work to promote through social media, these sites can also be a reservoir of current information for people interested in your work.

Just remember, that when you are creating your electronic press kit, you are in control of the information that is provided. You are your own public relations agent and you can put an impressive and engaging spin on the information you provide. With the kind of promotion having an EPK can provide, free advertising through online media and blogs can be an effective tool to your success. With just a little time to create your electronic press kit, and some occasional updates (because an EPK is always a work in progress), you will have a great resource for promoting yourself and your business to people who could really boost your career.